Auto Fish Catcher

Auto Fish Catcher

Auto Fish Catcher

Are you tired of holding your fishing rod for hours? Fishing is supposed to be fun, relaxing and enjoyable, but at times it can just be tiring.

There comes a solution. Auto Fish Catch 2 makes fishing a breeze.  

People are swearing by this Automatic Fishing Rod Holder that has allowed them to sit back and enjoy fishing again.  

Auto Fish Catcher 2 will allow you to save time and catch more fish than ever. You do not have to spend time holding your rod waiting for fishes to be hooked. You can do other enjoyable things like talking with your buddy or cracking a nice cold beverage. Now is the time to take action, say goodbye to failed fishing trips and unlock the ultimate benefits of Auto Fish Catch 2.

Perfect For Time With The Family

With everything centered around the home, everyone has spent more time indoors; making indoor life seem unbearable. It's time to get the family back outdoors and do something that everyone can now enjoy with a little help from Auto Fish Catcher 2. Everyone's an expert in Fishing now.

Goodbye to The Lower Back Pain

Auto Fish Catcher 2 allows you to be free from the constant back and forth pulling that goes on during every hook and reel. That back and forth pulling, as we all know, can create tension that will leave you sore and in pain after spending long hours outdoors, fishing. The 2.0 has been designed with a new circle plate for the fishing rod holder making it easier to plunge into the soil with just using the palm of your hands. Your body will thank you!

Does Not Rust

Auto Fish Catcher 2 has been made to withstand any weather. The all metal, stainless steel material allows for no rust to build up and leaves it with a anti-corrosion coat. Auto Fish Catcher 2 is durable but light weight making it safe and easy to be carried around with its portable and fold-able design. 

High Impact Resistant Construction!

Auto Fish Catcher 2 is the most stable rod holder out there. Its ergonomic design has given it a maximum tension hold of up to 110 pounds; making it a trustworthy right hand man during your fishing escapades!

Efficient With No Misfires!

The spring-loaded rod holder has been put to the test! The rod is designed to be pulled back whenever a fish is detected on the line. Using an innovative way of stringing the line through a hook on the device, is what lets the rod become extremely sensitive for it to be able to alert a part of the tool that sets off the springs. Calling it our line trigger tip-up action, only triggered when a fish pulls on the hook.

Auto Fish Catcher 2 will not disappoint you. Once the line is triggered, the rod automatically bounces up, and under the cushioning force of the spring; it helps the hook catch deeper into the fish's mouth, making sure of a clean catch. It is known for and has a good human-controlled swimming edge. Start a peaceful outing with friends and family today! 

Safe, Fun and Durable!

Auto Fish Catcher 2 is easy to setup. With its durable and sleek design it will work perfectly in any terrain and is the perfect addition to your fishing gear collection. Don't let another minute go by; grab your Auto Fish Catcher 2 today!  

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