Pencil Pro 3

Pencil Pro 3

Pencil Pro 3

An Essential Accessory for Your iPad

The rise of touchscreens has made it possible to write electronic notes wherever you go. Compared to using your finger, the tip of Pencil Pro 3 is easier to create precise lines than a fingertip, so it feels like you’re using a traditional pen or pencil.

If you're taking notes for your subject, sketching a new building design or designing graphics, this Pencil Pro 3 will change your original creative experience. An artist's dream comes true!

Ergonomic Design

The light and smooth pen body, the two ends of the weight balance, will grip to take your experience to the next level. Hold it neatly in your hand and ooze quality.

Just Click and Work

No Bluetooth or APP required. What you need is to press the power button on, then you are ready to open up new creative possibilities at anytime or anywhere.

Enhanced Accuracy

With 1.5mm fine tip to gain even the tiniest details within your sketches and drawings, it opens up new creative possibilities and helps you produce a wide range of artistic effects.


Magnetic Cap

With easy operation, it provides protection against dust and damage, also available as a normal tip while the active stylus is out of power.

Universal Compatibility

One stylus pen for all your digital products, compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices, including iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Android phones and most popular tablets.

Long Battery Life

With USB Charge port and built-in battery provides 10 hours active use and only 1-2 hours charging. With Smart power-saving function, the pen will automatically power off every 30 minutes.

Perfect For Note Taking

If you enjoy writing or taking notes, Pencil Pro 3 will not fail to amaze you. Write your notes, highlight or circle them digitally. Save and edit whenever you want.

A Drawing Brush

Turn Pencil Pro 3 into a magically brush which enables you to draw, color, paint, design or sketch digitally. You can have hours of enjoyment designing your own masterpiece.


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