ResPuller™ - Resistance Band Puller


ResPuller™ Resistance Band Puller which is also called Home Gym, has the same function of barbell, puller resistance bands, rowing machine etc. You can use them for the whole body shaping, especially booty, arms and legs.

They are small, lightweight, easy-to-carry and use anywhere.


  1. ResPuller™: our long & lean toning bar is an all over body workout simulating the moves and benefits of a Pilates mat or Pilates reformer workout.
  2. Total mind & body benefits: develop a strong core, flat ABS, long and lean muscles with complete mind focus through every movement.
  3. Multiple uses: great for yoga stretching exercises, resistance band workouts, low impact prevents injury.
  4. Power cord resistance bands: power cord resistance bands are stronger and safer than standard rubber tubing and provide maximum resistance and durability.


  • Color: Purple/Pink/Blue
  • Material: Steel + Foam + Rubber + Nylon
  • Single Bar: 45cm / 18in
  • Assembled Length: 90cm / 35in
  • Resistance Band: 88cm / 34.6in
  • Total Weight: 792g / 1.7lb

Package Included:

  • 1 x Portable Pilates Bar Kit

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