Ultra UV Glass

Ultra UV Glass

Ultra UV Glass

What is UV liquid glue?

The product included UV Lamp, UV liquid glue and transparent tempered glass screen protector. Using liquid dispersion technology-UV Liquid glue will be evenly disperses between the screen and tempered glass, hardens to form an electrostatic layer through the illumination of the UV lamp.It will form a perfect screen protector while repairing former cracks and imperfections.

HIGH TRANSPARENCY Glass Screen Protector is made from high quality tempered glass that offers 99.9% transparency, allowing optimal and natural viewing experience.

And The ultra thin screen protector promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity and preserves your phone's original high-response touch feeling without any interference, can maintain the touch feature for your phone.

Then how do we install a tempered glass screen protector?

  1. Clean the screen surface with alcohol bag
  2. Clean the screen surface with dry cloth
  3. Absorb screen surface dust with the dust remover
  4. Drop the UV liquid glue on the middle of the screen
  5. Align the curved glass screen protector with the corresponding position of the phone and cover the curved screen
  6. Irradiates the screen surface with UV lamp for about 40 seconds to dry the screen, ensure perfect adsorption.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Glass good came in the way as it was negotiated glued well only here it seems to me that the edges are short and islet and in general not bad. Glued well edges of course not very thick short not beautiful but generally normal


It's a bit cumbersome but it's turned out fine, I'll buy more!


not bad at all..i can install it easily,but need more carefully with dust..fit perfect to my s10 plus..fingerprint can use after i rescan my finger again,but it become a little bit slowly with this tempered glass..everything just ok for me.. after 2weeks install it,glass start to peels off by its self at the edge of screen..fingerprint also dosent work..seller should make tutorial video how to istall the correct ways..


fast postage. recommended. great.


Fast delivery and good quality glass protector Note 8 Samsung. I recommend this seller. Thanks!

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