Water Plant Decor

Water Plant Decor

Water Plant Decor


  • About 10g/pack.
  • Glossostigma elatinoides seed, very easy to grow, no need CO2 or strong light.
  • About 5cm high, 10 days to grow.
  • Each pack can plant about 30 X 30cm tank.

How to plant:

No water planting (recommended method):

Don't need CO2 or hard light.

  1. Put water plant mud or carbon ceramic ball, etc. into your fish tank.
  2. Cast seed on the surface of matrix. Don't let the seed fall below the matrix and try to keep the surface wet. 2-7 days is enough for sprouting.
  3. Top up water when seeds sprout. Don't scour the matrix.
  4. Temperature should not be too low. 20-30 degree is suitable.
  5. Normally 5-7 days sprout, 15 days to complete landscaping.

Planting in water

Keep the water temperature below 30 degree.

  1. Need to calm the water by closing any circulation equipment at first.
  2. Cast seed in water. Don't scatter too closely , keeping some distance between seeds.
  3. After planting, open the filter, or seeds will dead.
  4. Normally, 15 days sprout, 30 days to finish landscaping.

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