Wearable Neck AC

Wearable Neck AC

Wearable Neck AC

Get relief from the scorching heat and humidity Wherever You Go!

See why this new Wearable Neck AC is gaining popularity and selling out everywhere....

This New Device is The Ultimate Way To Stay Cool During Hot Days. Owning This New Device Is Like Having a Personal AC When You're INDOORS AND OUTDOORS.

Have you ever felt the intense need to cool down from the overwhelming heat and humidity?

In the pleasant summer days, I like outdoor activities such as planting flowers in my backyard, strolling with my wife in the parks, enjoying the natural environment with birds, animals and fresh air.

However, I’m afraid of high temperature. In my hometown, the weather of 100℉ (38℃) happens often. Outdoors, even under 85℉, I will be sweating a lot; inside my home, I don’t feel well either because my wife often keeps the air conditioner at relatively high temperature, thus feeling as hot as in a sauna.

A few days ago, when I was chatting with my elder brother who’s an aerospace engineer, he saw me in a hot sweat and so gave me a small device, putting it on my neck and saying it can cool me down.

At first, I doubted whether the gadget can work, but I respected my brother’s opinion (after all, he is a rocket scientist.)

To my surprise, after wearing the gadget for a few hours, I had no sweat, feeling very comfortable! Even my wife felt cool from my body. With better breathing, I felt my seasonal allergy symptoms also relieved in fact.

What Are We Talking About?

It's called Wearable Neck AC, It is a small AC unit that can be worn comfortably around the neck. This device provides a steady, cool environment that can be enjoyed by the wearer.

The Wearable Neck AC is ideal for getting relief from oppressive heat in warmer climates, especially during the summer season.

If you live in a warm climate, then you know exactly how important it can be to stay cool during hot days!

Unlike traditional fans and AC units, the Wearable Neck AC can travel with you wherever you go. This is because it is battery-operated and does not have to be plugged into an electrical outlet while in use.

You can wear the Wearable Neck AC unit anywhere and enjoy the ice-cold air it provides anywhere you go.

How does Wearable Neck AC work?

Wearable Neck AC is a privately funded technology from Germany, the ultimate result of many years development by a group of elite engineers. These engineers are frustrated by the heat and discomfort in summer, so they want a simple and portable solution that can be carried around.

After a lot of trials with errors and failed archetypes, engineers brought Wearable Neck AC into the world. The news about this breakthrough invention started to spread everywhere, and now people all over the World are talking about it.

Wearable Neck AC works by using a combination of thermal electric cooling, back cooling vents, positionable air flow, and an ionizer fan chamber (plus build-in filters) to effectively cool down your body and purify the air you're breathing.

Easy to use:

1. You simply have to position the device around your neck like a necklace, and then turn it on.

2. Adjust the fan speed and air flow with press of a button

3. Stay cool during the long hot days of summer!

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